Ron Smoorenburg Story

I started with Karate when I was 12
year old. I trained
every day and was the only student who came 1 hour
before the class starting to practice alone, in a dark dojo.

The owner (a famous boxer from Holland) always
smiled when he saw me coming. I almost never went
to parties and people said I was a boring guy, but I kept
believing in my goal, to ever play in movies like Jean
Claude van Damme
and Jackie Chan.

Ron Smoorenburg at 17

The karate students at my dojo and people in my school
said I was unrealistic and a dreamer.

My parents worried about my health because I trained so
hard, I would suffer from a stroke. My neighbors had
complaints about the noise coming from our house,
and in my street their was no branch of a three under the
level of 30cm above my head because I all kicked them.
In 1990 I became Dutch Champion Karate.

Ron Smoorenburg at home

After seeing van Damme in 1997 I focused on kicking and
tried to kick as high as possible while being as flexible
as possible.

I got the record highest kick in 1997 with a height of
11 feet. There was a contest in Holland about empty hand
Karate forms. I made my of form and went to the competition.
I was the only one who made a new form and there were
no contestants at all. I was send home but I could show
it on their next event ‘ The European Championships Karate’.
I was the first who ever did this in Holland and It was a big

.Martial arts magazine ron smoorenburg

I started to give demonstrations and events and with my
karate partner ‘Daan Broekman’. We made ‘movie fights’
to complete the demo. We started to appear in TV
and video clips.

I heard about Jackie Chan shooting a movie called
‘Who am I ?’ in Rotterdam and he needed 1000 extra’s.
Even to become an extra was very hard on this movie
because there were so many reactions, but I kept calling
the casting office till they got crazy and finally I got a small
part as business man. ( You can actually see this )

I was on the set of the movie and had 3 shooting days.
I knew this was my chance. I asked the Dutch Stunt
if I could do some fighting but they laughed so hard
in front of everybody that I felt ashamed. ‘If I could jump
from a building then I could join’.

So I went to Jackie’s team but everybody was so busy.
I felt like air for them.But one old man from JC’ s team
said I had to make a tape and give it to him. So I made
a tape in the night and finished early in the morning and
gave it to the old man.I just changed to my business suit
while one of Jackie’s assistants called me to see Jackie.
I couldn’t believe it. I had to do a screen test.

Jackie said I was the best of 20 guys doing audition for
this role.But I asked myself ‘What role?’.

It was a role for the final fight in his movie. (1997)

The Dutch Stuntteam also went mad because first they
laughed at me and now I got the best fighting part in the
movie. So before the shootings some of them tried to
spar with me and share ‘low kicks’. One day when I was
15 minutes late one of them was wearing my suit so
maybe he could get the part.

who am I jackie chan ron smoorenbugr

Even after giving so much martial art demonstrations and
training so hard, working with Jackie is very demanding
Jackie has so much experience if he repeats a new fight
scene he got it in 3 rehearsals. That’s what I had to do to.

Just one time slow rehearsal, faster and fastest.
And these were combinations with+- 5 to 8 moves. I also
had to follow a certain pattern on the floor and was not
allowed to touch Jackie hard .Jackie made me very
insecure at this moment because he was not so friendly
and quite rude and didn’t want to talk with me.

Jackie called a stuntman to do some kicks even without me
trying to do it, so he doubled me. It’s just a small part,
but in ‘Jackie Chan my stunts’ he wants to show that his
stunt team is better than anybody else and this guy who
only did a small part ‘Brad allen’ got the credits. Very unfair
because I did 95% of this fight myself and the kicks Brad
Aallen did were easy to do for me as well. And Jackie
has 4 stunt doubles but nobody ever
tells about that or
shows that in ‘My Stunts’. Below one of Jackie’s stunt
‘Sam Wong’

Stunt double for Jackie Chan Sam Wong

The fight in ‘Who am I ?’ got a Hong kong Oscar for the
best fight scene (1998).
But I had to start all over again
with my career. A lot of broken promises from
Hong Kong
producers, fake managers etc…. Jackie Chan my stunts.
Waiting in
Holland is like dying slowly so I had to do
something… In 2000 I was invited to go to Hong Kong
and Played in 5 Hong Kong action movies and gained
more experience in movie fighting and acting.

avenging fist tekken legend of tekken ron smoorenburg split

I came to Hong Kong in a good period. Later I was Invited by
Donnie Yen to work for him for the German TV series
‘Der Puma’. I played the opponent of Mickey Hardt in
episode 7. Donnie asked if I could stay 3 weeks longer
to be stuntdouble for Mickey in the 2 last episodes.

Ron Smoorenburg and Donnie yen after training in a gym in in Berlin for Conename Puma

I developed my own style with more special kicks,
trickz and even
breakdance moves. Donnie loved these
new moves and I could all show them in ‘Der Puma’.
Donnie Yen was just a great teacher for me.

Ron Smoorenburg performs b-twist trickz in fighting fish

I was back in Holland and got a lot of Tv jobs as a fight
choreographer.But In Holland they don’t know
anything about martial art movies
and from the
cameraman till the editing, there were too many steps
who destroyed my chorography.

veronica yorin ron smoorenburg kick the young one

I broke my ankles 3 times in this
period because I
am quite tall ( 1.88 cm ) and heavy 97 kgs and performs
martial art trickz.( Can you can imagine when you rotate
720 degrees with a lot of speed and weight while your
ankle get stuck in the ground.) A lot of pain and half a year
delay of training per injury. This was actually a bad period
in my career.

training in voltreffer ron smoorenburg vincent rifaz kjer philip stunts

Because the lack of experience of the Dutch movie
I went to Thailand, to work with Tony Jaa.
‘Tom Jum Goong’ was already shot when I was in
There was a re-shooting of a big fight scene. I participated
in this fight and got good friends with Tony Jaa. Later I did
the Lamjai commercial which was an international
promotion for Thai fruits. Tony Jaa is an example for a lot
of actors
. He’s very kind and a
amazing martial artist.

Ron Smoorenburg in Lamjai commercial against Tony Jaa ( Jaa Phanom )

Now I live in Thailand and I feel better than ever before.
I have an intensive martial arts training scedule, acting
classes, a diet and an intensive fitness workout.

I work together with the best actors (like Tony Jaa) and
stuntteams from Thailand. I love this country and made
Thailand as my new base.

Ron smoorenburg kick stretching leg holding vertical split tutorial exercises

7 Responses to “Ron Smoorenburg Story”

  1. Beau Narak Says:

    Hey !!!!

    you look good always ^_^

    I like very much , my hero

    Take Care …….

  2. jan Says:

    I just saw “Who Am I?” and loved the fight scene. You were great. Glad you like Thailand. Asia is where most of the world’s population is and there’s lots of potential there….for acting and just about anything.

  3. arasaw tumpaak Says:

    Am honored to work with you on my first stunt/portraiture photo shooting… I really appreciate your kindness and professionalism stay humble as you are… success in your career surely comes… allow me to link this blogs in my facebook wall.

  4. Fernando Says:

    Ron, i totally feel what you say about jackie, even tho i really like his films, i always felt he’s a cocky man who considers himself the best (you can see tha tin his face), so i believe in your story. YOu must have been under tons of preassure too, getting the role of your life, working with a team somehow hard to communicate, and having people waiting for you to break a leg to take your role, that must have been hard. Anyways, take it for what it was, experience, and thats always good. My name is Fernando btw, Im 24 from Uruguay and i really admire you! keep the good work!!

  5. lakshan Says:

    Sir I’ve noticed Mr. Chan was doubled in Who am I? Nt only who am I. Mr. Smoorenberg ur story inspired me a lot. But in my country ( Sri lanka) our masters never taught us high kicks and spinning kicks. But I know its da way to show how much skilled u are. U r a good example for courage and the strength. U r very strong nt only physical side. U got a strong heart. Wish u all da best Mr. Smoorenburg

  6. Irma Says:

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    search in google: svetsern traffic tips

  7. rayfox97200 Says:

    Maravilloso articulo, yo soy del Peru00fa y me emociona el futbol, sobre todo el futbol de los 80 y parte de los 90. Me emociona eso del David contra Click

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